Get My Point Kennel

A Division of Get My Point, LLC.

Our History

In 1968 my father bought me my first German Wirehair Pointer pup, Sam.  My father and Sam both taught me a lot about how to hunt. My two older brothers James and William also taught me a lot about handling dogs.  Jim with English Springers and Bill with Weimaraners  and Irish Setters.  From this beginning I started on my road of training and hunting German Wirehair Pointers.  Get My Point Kennel was started in 1986.  My mission was to take a great versatile breed and keep the best traits, basically, everything but the edgy temperament  that did come with most German dog breeds.  With our roots mostly in Haar Baron bloodlines we sought out other bloodlines as well that seemed to fit out goals.  Some did not make the cut but those that did let us know we were on the right track.  The traits we sought  were simply close working dogs with sound conformation and a disposition that says “I WANT TO HUNT WITH YOU.” GWP’s that want to be my best friend and hunt in the worst conditions and still think I am the greatest thing there is in the world.  All that for a dry kibble and a pat on the head.

I could bore you with long stories about my dogs and what they have accomplished, but that is why you should call Get My Point Kennel.  Breeding sound, fun, hard working, eager to please GWP’s that are proven on wild game only is what we do.  Whether it is water fowl in the most extreme conditions, or upland birds, such as grouse and woodcock in the northern forest, or pheasants, sharp tails, prairie  chickens, grey partridge or quail on the prairies , cornfields or cattail marshes in the fly-over states.  We are as far from a field trial dog as you can get!

With pups available usually late winter and early spring that will be ready for next seasons hunts, give us a call. We also offer limited access to our stud dogs to approved bitches.


Why Choose Get My Point Kennel?

Our Wirehair’s have a strong reputation with many satisfied owners nation wide, who are repeat buyers, and refer us to others.  If you are looking for” QUALITY” German Wirehair Pointers, Get My Point Kennel is just a phone call away! 920-427-7774


“1968” Me as a young lad with “Sam” and Poker Chips



Get My Point Thor 



Get My Point Okay



Get My Point Gunsmoke



Get My Point Paris



Get My Point Blu retrieving a duck 10 months old



Get My Point Paris (front) Get My Point Black Bart (behind) Get My Point John Faskell



Get My Point Black Bart



Get My Point Blu training



Get My Point Dotty