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“This is an awesome dog trailer! When John described all the problems associated with traditional trailers; I felt like I had experienced every one of them, ranging all the way from dusty, dirty dogs after traveling down a long dirt road, safety, comfort for the dogs, ventilation, to just plain and simple functionality. Previously I had a stainless steel 6 hole trailer and had experienced every problem he described to me with the exception of having a dog die from exhaust inhalation. I just got back from my first major hunting trip this fall to ND, and found this trailer to be the best transportation I’ve ever experienced for my animals. The quality and workmanship on this trailer is amazing. I found Canine Cargo Carriers to be extremely good to work with and even more concerned about providing me with a product I would enjoy.”

– Ron W. from Utah


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“I just wanted to write a quick note to let you know how well the safety pods are being received from both owners and their dogs.  Initially some of the dogs were reluctant to go into them, but with a little coaxing and treats, they went in fine, especially once they realized they could easily turn around.  The noise level in the buses is so much better! We have less barrier frustration between the dogs and they don’t rattle as much as the crates we had previously.  I feel very confident that even in the unlikely event of an accident, our precious charges will be so much safer.

I would definitely recommend to anyone considering buying from John, that they stretch to include the pads.  These beds are amazing, easy to clean and really comfortable for the dogs, cutting out uncomfortable vibrations.
For anyone wishing to fit out their vans for safe transportation, these are definitely a great and affordable choice.
John and his wife drove to Texas through some rough winter weather storms and helped install them.  A tremendously helpful and very knowledgeable guy, I thoroughly enjoyed meeting them both.”


– Southlake CritterCare LLC