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Complete Dog Transport Systems

Canine Cargo Carrier and the Honeycomb Dog Boxes

Your dog’s safety and comfort are why we created the Honeycomb Dog Box ®.  A Complete one-piece polyethylene roto mold box, means no cracks, no seams, nothing for your dog to get a hold of or to hold grime and gunk. Easy to clean. Extremely durable and lightweight.

This is the only full sized 3-dog system that fits in between the wheel wells of your pickup truck or van. We also have 5, 6, 8, and 13 dog pods, for larger applications such as trailers, vans, and toy haulers.

Whether you are a hunter, field trialer, dog trainer, musher, show dog exhibitor, agility dog trainer, police or military trainer/handler, dog rescue organization or just want to safely and effectively travel with your best friend, we can set you up with your own personalized dog transport and handling system.

We offer 2 size Honeycomb Dog Boxes ®: 36″ long and 24″ long for different sized dogs.

Our boxes are designed so there is no contact side to side from one dog to another. This is very important if you have strange dogs or aggressive dogs being transported together. Ventilation is front to back.

We can set up as large a system as you need with versatility for different daily uses.  Example: you could be set up with three 8 dog pods when handling larger numbers of dogs and when your requirements are less remove one or two pods.  The floor space needed for a Honeycomb Pod of 3, 5, 6, 8 is only 57″ wide by 36″ deep. A 13 pod dog Honeycomb Dog Box ® Pod is only 90″ wide by 36″ deep. The most efficient use of square footage in your vehicle is obtained with our Honeycomb dog box.

We also have storage systems for food, gear and water that can be easily customized for your specific needs. We will be happy to assist you in getting your own personal water and storage system.

Please contact us so we can help answer any questions you have. Years of transporting animals have given us vital knowledge to assist you in safe and comfortable transportation of your dogs, so you can help them perform to the best of their ability.