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Canine Cargo Carrier

The Next Generation in Dog Transportation


After years of experience in building, buying and transporting with just about every type of dog trailer out there, we have developed a break-through in dog transportation. Whether you have show dogs, rescue dogs, hunting dogs, sled dogs, police/military dogs or are a dog transportation company, we have the trailer for you. Our trailers are designed around our Honeycomb Dog Pods, one of the safest dog boxes on the market today. Each pod can be put in or taken out of the trailer for versatility like no other dog trailer on the market. 

Our most popular size, the 3-dog Honeycomb Dog Pod, can give you a 6, 9, or 12 dog trailer in a trailer body less than 10 feet long. If the trailer is made 11 inches taller, it will hold 4 pods of 5 dogs each and have a trailer that carries 20 dogs in a trailer body 10 feet long, and still allows you to take a pod of 3 out and put it in the back of any half-ton vehicle for short trips and then put back in the trailer when you need more dogs transported. All with plenty of storage, water and custom features that are not available elsewhere.


The top priority in our tandem, torsion axel, and steel roll-bar cage design is SAFETY! Creating a very secure structure for your dogs is our goal. Each trailer is fully insulated and has a ventilation system that creates a draft-free and dust-free environment, unlike conventional dog trailers that put your dogs in a drafty, dusty condition as well as vibration.

Our Canine Cargo Carriers have their own 12 volt battery system that runs the ventilation system so dogs can be left behind in a safe and secure environment.  In addition, there is a remote control that powers LED lights and the fan.

Dogs are unique in the fact that they ride with their head on the floor. Imagine yourself being in an aluminum or stainless steel box driving down the interstate with a ventilation system that blows through your dog box with your head vibrating on the floor. If you did, you would not put your dog in that situation. 

Another feature of our Canine Cargo Carrier that no other dog trailer has is our ramps that drop down and work like a table to assist you in handling your dog.  From our secure bulldog hitch to our heavy-duty rear bumper, we offer the most COMPLETE DOG TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM available today.



Fold down ramps that drop down on each side and work like a table






All sides folded in, secured, now transportation ready


Quality steel frame trailer construction on every unit built

Original design Generation One (Still available)