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Honeycomb Dog Box™

Our Honeycomb Dog Boxes are a one piece molded box. They can be put into Pods of 2, 3 (our most popular for pick up trucks with a topper), 5, 6, 8 and 13. In a stationary setting such as a vet clinic the combinations can be endless.  Examples of the larger set ups, because of the honeycomb design, lets you put 8 dogs in a 57″ wide by 3′ deep space or a 13 dog set up takes up only 90″ wide by 3′ deep.  This lets you pull either a smaller trailer or gives you much more storage space in your trailer.  Each individual Honeycomb Dog Box is very easy to wipe clean or you can take a power washer to a whole pod then stand them on end and let them dry.  We also offer 8 & 13 gallon water storage system as well as a unique slide-out storage system that fits under the center box of our 3 dog Honeycomb Pod. A 3 dog Honeycomb Pod with water and space to store gear all fit in between the wheel wells of your pick up making it the most complete dog transport system on the market today.

Here is a Sprinter decked out with a 13 dog Honeycomb Pod (large boxes)



This is a 3 dog Honeycomb Pod (large) with the storage slide out system, and  13 gallons of water storage. The most complete full size 3 dog on the market today!





This is an example of a 6 dog system (large boxes) that is custom fit to the inside of an toy hauler


Here are two 5 pod (large) transportation units in the back of the toy hauler


We have our own custom fit Honeycomb Dog Box ®pad.  This pad will keep your dog dry, and eliminate vibration while in transport. This is a major break-through in dog cleanliness and comfort while being transported.  It is important that your dogs arrive to perform at their peak, for the disciplines you are asking them to do.

Available in Chocolate or Tan colors.





Here are some configurations with small dog boxes



IMG_0087  IMG_0097